Crisp Mountain Air, Hotel Fire Alarm Scare

     So far it has been quite the trip to get back to Kearney to visit family and, of course, celebrate my graduation from UNK. Monday after lunch my friend Candice gave us a ride to the Houston airport, saving us from leaving my car at the airport for two weeks. We were able to leave my car with the family Joel tutors for, as opposed to leaving it at our apartment, since it has already been broken into once! For the flight home Joel and I thought it would be best if we only packed carry-on luggage. One, it saved us some money, and two, beats waiting for your luggage that very well could have been lost! Our flight left Houston at about 6:00pm, after being delayed 20 minutes. We flew Continental into Denver. Each seat had a mini-television in the headrest, but the service was only free for about the first 15 minutes of the flight. After that you had to pay $5.99 to watch, rip off! The flight and landing into Denver was very smooth.

     From the Denver airport we hitched a shuttle ride to the Comfort Suites hotel near the airport grounds. After arriving at the hotel and checking in, we walked across the parking lot to the Moonlight Diner. Not sure if it was a real, authentic shiny-metal diner, or a replica. No matter, the food was great, but we were starving for anything. Tuesday morning we woke up for breakfast, stashed some in our room to take with later in the day, and before checking out we were disturbed by the hotel fire alarms. At first I had thought it was just in our room, but we grabbed the key and stepped into the hallway, where no one seemed very phased. So we took the stairs to the lobby where still, no one was phased by these blaring fire alarms. The lady at the desk asked if we were waiting to check out… we simply did not answer figuring she should have known we were wondering why the alarms were going off! After about 15 minutes the fire squad showed up, there was no fire, but they had to turn the alarms off and check. I think it must have been pulled by someone.

     Today, Tuesday, we are taking a shuttle from the airport in Denver to North Platte. The hotel was able to drive us back to the airport for our next leg of the journey. It is a long drive for family to make to get us at the airport and we couldn’t hitch a ride otherwise. We had noticed, as the hotel van dropped us off, that many United Airline workers were picketing, protesting higher pay and to be contracted. We didn’t notice any of this in Houston, although we were not near the United Airline area, nor have I read any news about United workers being upset.

     It will feel great to finally be back in Nebraska with family that we have not seen since Christmas time. We hope to bring the sunny warm weather from Houston with us as well!

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